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Eva Dogan

Phone 070 110 71 15
Mobile Number 070 110 71 15

Ms. Eva Dogan
Dynamic Urge AB
By Appointment

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Eva Dogan

Dynamic Urge AB


My BusinessDynamic Urge ~ creating dynamic and sustainable changes and results I work with leadership development. My strength is coaching. My focus is Image. Coaching is a great tool that can be adapted to the person and the situation at hand. Now why do companies, people, want coaching? And why would they come to me? The company, department, manager or coworker have a challanging situation they can't solve themselves. That could be a personal development issue, a conflict, an organizational issue, expanding the team, developing the team or any other challange. I think that people and companies like me because of the approach I have. The approach is non-offensive yet still penetrating (sometimes painfully/emotionally so) and very clarifying. I work with structure (company, personal or relational), goals, behavior, approach and image. It could be one or two session or it could be a more long-term engagement with scheduled coaching, follow ups and personal challenges.